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Understanding the Cancer Biology

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The work in this programme has been guided by three different aspects:

  1. Discover new genes, regulators, and pathways important for cancer;
  2. Provide mechanistic understanding; and
  3. Support every discovery with genetic evidence.

Major discoveries in this programme within the OncoBIO programme include (only representative findings are shown):


A critical issue in tumor development is the complex tumor-microenvironment interaction which is now considered as a key element for understanding and treating malignant tumors. We have focused on the analysis of selected factors in the tumor-stroma interactions, epithelial cell plasticity, establishment of inflammation-cancer links and the acquisition of invasive and metastatic properties.


This programme had two general aims derived from the application of the knowledge on fundamental mechanisms involved in cancer generated by the team members: a) development of strategies to improve cancer diagnosis and classification and b) identification and validation of targets that may be therapeutically useful.

About us

The OncoBIO Consolider Network was constituted in December 10th 2007 with the main goal of a better understand of the Cancer Biology.

This coordinated project will provide critical information for the development of new strategic opportunities aimed at improving those diagnostic and therapeutic approaches currently used to treat cancer patients.

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